Below is a list of our services


M&M Resources is known for our dedication to service. We believe that the client is number one. No matter what size the project is or what it is, it is completed to 100% of our ability. We do whatever it takes to ensure that the project is completed safely, responsibly, on time, and on budget. With a diverse fleet of equipment and broad range of qualified personnel, there is no task that M&M Resources can't take on and complete. Exceeding expectations is what we do and that is our continuous goal!

Land Clearing

M&M is an all access clearing company from start to finish. Though we specialize in mulching, with one of the largest fleets of mulchers in western Canada, we also look after large scale logging and clearing projects for some of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry. Various types of clearing work we do: Pipeline ROW, Lease and Road Construction, seismic lines, Power lines, and roadside clearing.


M&M offers single and double drop lowbeds as well as a winch tractor with a scissor neck lowbed for hauling any type of equipment. All of our Tractors are late model Kenworth T-800 Tri-Drives which provide reliability, minimal downtime, and maintenance. We also have single axle boosters and a tandem jeep for heavy equipment and for hauling during road bans. *All of our trucks are maintained and inspected as to exceed the Ministry of Transportation guidelines.*


We supply experienced men and a diverse fleet of equipment for various types of reclamation work. Types of reclamation include: PIPELINE RECLAMATION, SITE REMEDIATION, AND HAULING OF MATERIAL WHERE REQUIRED..


Mulching is the core of our business. With over 40 mulchers of our own ranging in size from 175 horse power up to 600 horse power, there is no mulching project that M&M cannot or will not do. Not only is mulching an environmentally responsible option compared to clearing with Dozers and Excavators, it is also quicker, cleaner, safer, and more cost effective.

Ice Road Building

Winter access is a large part of working in Northern BC and Alberta. M&M has a fleet of freeze down equipment that is specially designed for freezing in winter access. Roads, leases, pipeline ROW, and seismic lines are all areas of our Ice Road Building expertise.


M&M's large fleet of mulchers, certified fallers, and experienced supervisors make us a leader in the seismic line clearing industry. With many large scale and small scale projects under our belt, there is no seismic project that we can't handle.

Hazardous waste & saw dust Hauling

M&M is licensed to haul hazardous waste under transportation number LT1374. Our fleet of trucks includes box trucks with quad wagons, tri-drive tractors with end dumps, and a walking floor sawdust trailer. Having worked for many oil and gas companies hauling drill cuttings from their rigs, and contaminated soil from their sites, M&M can haul any type of material to or from any project.