Below is a list of our services


M&M Resources is a leader in the land-services industry from initial clearing through to reclamation throughout BC, AB, SK, YK, and NT, with projects ranging in size from small, one day clearing jobs to multimillion dollar plant construction projects.  M&M Resources’ experienced and reliable field supervisors and crew can manage any project of any size.  Our leadership team has hands-on experience in every facet of site construction and maintenance. In addition to the services we provide directly from within our team, M&M also has a vast network of affiliations with industry leaders in specialized tasks including environmental engineering and monitoring services, hydro seeding, and soil and compaction testing. With a strong commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, safety, and the environment, M&M Resources is the right choice for your next project.

Civil Earthworks and Construction

M&M adheres to all safety and environmental standards and regulations. Our attention to design-detail and criteria, knowledge of industry best practices, and adaptability makes us a leader in site and road clearing/development. M&M has vast experience with site construction, road construction, borrow pit excavation and lining, matting, culvert placement, bridge installations, slope and soil stabilization, and river channel excavations.

Land Clearing

M&M Resources is an all-access clearing company from start to finish. M&M's fleet of mulchers, certified fallers, logging equipment, and experienced supervisors make us a leader in the clearing industry. We can accommodate projects of any size including large-scale logging and clearing projects for some of the principal companies in the oil and gas industry. Clearing work experience includes (but is not limited to) pipeline ROW, lease and road clearing, seismic lines, power lines, and roadside clearing.


Not only is mulching an environmentally responsible option, but it is also quick, clean, safe, and cost effective. M&M Resources has a large fleet of 175 hp and 275 hp mulchers.

Water Work

M&M Resources has extensive experience working in and around water including instream channel contouring for fish habitat, construction and stringing/fleeting of booms, debris boom clearing, working on barges, and the construction of ponds and borrow pits. Working in or around water has a strict set of Environmental and Safety protocols to adhere to, and a unique set of skills and professions required. M&M has the equipment, resources, and personnel to work safely, efficiently, and knowledgeably with sustainable solutions.


M&M offers single and double drop lowbeds as well as winch tractors with scissor neck lowbeds for hauling any type of equipment. All of our tractors are late model Tri-Drives which provide reliability, minimal downtime, and maintenance. We also have single axle boosters and single/tandem jeeps for heavy equipment and for hauling during road bans. All our trucks are maintained and inspected in order to exceed regulatory guidelines.


We supply an experienced team and a diverse fleet of equipment for various types of reclamation work. Reclamation tasks include pipeline reclamation, site remediation, landfill closure and capping, mine reclamation, facility decommissioning and demolition and hauling of contaminated material when required.


M&M has relationships with outstanding environmental engineering service companies. In conjunction with our affiliations, M&M has the ability to provide engineered remediation solutions including: soil and groundwater remediation, lagoon and pond remediation, remedial excavation with shoring or underpinning, in-situ remediation using electric resistive heating, design-build remediation contracting, and habitat construction and remediation.

Ice Road Building

Winter access is a large part of working in Northern BC and Alberta. M&M has a fleet of freeze down equipment that is specially designed for freezing in winter access. Roads, leases, pipeline ROW, and seismic lines are all areas of our ice road building expertise.

Hazardous Waste Hauling

M&M is licensed to haul hazardous waste under Transportation Number LT1574. Our fleet of trucks include box trucks with quad wagons, tri-drive tractors with end dumps, and a walking floor sawdust trailer. M&M has worked with many oil and gas companies hauling drill cuttings from their rigs, and contaminated soil from their sites.