Civil Earthworks & Construction

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Civil Earthworks and Construction

Earthworks operations include the excavation, transport, placement and compaction of fill materials to construct earth structures such as leases, pads and roads, and is a significant element of almost all civil engineering projects.

M&M provides earthworks construction for projects of all scales, from minor works through to major earth structures.

With an experienced, multi-disciplined staff that is committed to excellence we are skilled in the classification of fills, excavation, fill material design, fill selection, compaction, cutting and embankment stability, access road padding, drainage and erosion control.

M&M utilizes GPS controlled machines; a specialized technology that allows for precise and accurate digging based on GPS coordinates.  GPS sensors attached to equipment buckets, blades, and booms guide the equipment to grade to exact specifications and allow the operators to achieve the design specified results quickly and accurately.  This technology is used to ensure that design specifications are adhered to.

M&M has an in-house surveyor as well as experienced GPS monitors capable of setting up the Trimble base and GPS equipped machinery and providing ongoing monitoring.

We have a proven track record within the industry and have established a reputation for providing quality services within budget and on schedule. As a result, the majority of our business has been from repeat clientele or through recommendations. Our repeat business is a testament to our performance and quality driven focus.