Mulching, Brushing, Frozen Topsoil Mulching


With our mulching services, we provide the industry with an environmentally friendly alternative to the land clearing of the past.

The benefits of mulching are numerous and include:

  • no debris left over from bull dozing and no windrow, therefore no hazard to wildlife and no hazard of fire
  • woodchips are distributed on the ground, protecting the ground from damage from movement of equipment
  • burning is unnecessary which reduces the aerial pollution
  • tree root structures can remain intact and the soil can be left undisturbed in areas where regrowth is required
  • mulched wood decomposes quickly and is more environmentally friendly
  • projects can be completed in a more timely manner with less disturbance to the environment than using more conventional methods such as cats
  • no slash pile is left behind, allowing full usage of the cleared area
  • mulchers have extremely low ground pressure, allowing them to work in softer ground conditions

Mulching is environmentally sensitive. The Earth Management Association and the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) has documented that mulching respects the forest environment due to:

  • Excellent results in fragile land applications
  • Smooth surface results
  • Low ground pressure
  • Versatility
  • The ability to leave select trees unharmed
  • No wildlife disruption