Pipeline Reclamation Company

Pipeline Reclamation Company: Licensed to Haul Hazardous waste under license - LT#1374

Pipeline Reclamation Company

M&M resources is licensed to haul hazardous waste, including but not limited to Contaminated soil and Drill Cuttings:

Hauling drill cuttings from the drilling rigs has been a large part of our business over the last 7 years. With a fleet of trucks including Tri-drive box trucks with Quad wagons, Tri-drive tractors with end dumps, and a walking floor sawdust trailer we have worked for some of the largest oil companies in the industry, and currently still do.

Reclamation and remediation go hand in hand with what M&M has to offer. Along with Experienced personnel and a diverse fleet of equipment, M&M can transport any and all contaminated soil or hazardous material from any reclamation, remediation, or cleanup project.

*For a complete list of available equipment, please see our equipment page*