Water Work

Instream Excavation, Channel Contouring, Debris Boom Clearing, Ponds, Borrow Pits

Water Work

Working in or around water has a strict set of Environmental and Safety protocols to adhere to, and a unique set of skills and professions required.  M&M has the equipment, resources, and personnel to work safely, efficiently, and knowledgeably with sustainable solutions.

Water work services encompass a wide range of activities aimed at maintaining, improving, and restoring aquatic habitats. These services play an important role in preserving and enhancing the ecological health of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.

One of the primary services offered is in-stream excavation and channel contouring. This involves shaping and modifying the bottom of rivers and streams to improve the flow of water and create better habitats for aquatic species.

Clearing boom debris is aimed at removing unwanted materials from the water and keeping waterways safe for navigation. This can involve removing driftwood, logs, and other floating debris, which can pose a hazard to boats and other watercraft.

Ponds and borrow pits can be used to create new habitats for aquatic species or to store water for irrigation and other purposes.

Large woody debris structures are also a popular water work service, as they provide important habitats for fish and other aquatic species. These structures can be constructed from natural materials, such as fallen trees, to provide shelter, food, and other resources for aquatic life.

Water work services play a vital role in protecting and enhancing the health of waterways, and improving the quality of life for communities and wildlife that depend on these resources. Whether you’re looking to build a new habitat, maintain the safety and reliability of bridges, or simply survey the physical characteristics of a river, we can help you achieve your goals and make a positive impact on the environment.

Some of the water works projects that M&M has successfully completed include:

  • In stream excavation and channel contouring to establish fish habitat environments according to engineered designs
  • Construction of large woody debris structures for fish and amphibian habitat
  • Stringing and fleeting of booms, debris boom clearing
  • Construction of a spud barge
  • Construction of boat launches
  • Bridge pier stabilization work
  • River surveying
  • Construction of ponds and borrow pits