Wellsite Abandonments Reclamation

Wellsite Abandonments Reclamation, Remediation, Hazardous waste/Contaminated Soil Hauling


Site reclamation refers to the process of restoring a disturbed or degraded site, such as an oil and gas drilling site, pipeline, or access road to its natural or intended state. The goal of site reclamation is to return the site to a condition that is safe, stable, and usable, while also protecting the environment and restoring ecosystem services.

Site reclamation may involve a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes, depending on the type of site and the extent of degradation. For example, reclamation of a well site may involve theĀ  filling of pits and the re-grading of slopes, the planting of vegetation, and the construction of new drainage systems.

Effective site reclamation requires careful planning and monitoring, and the use of appropriate techniques and technologies to ensure that the site is restored to a safe and stable condition.

M&M supplies experienced personnel and a diverse fleet of equipment for various types of reclamation work including, but not limited to:

  • sloping grade where needed
  • controlled drainage ditching
  • repair and maintenance to ditch line
  • erosion and sediment control
  • haul material if required
  • place roll back for proper vegetation regrowth
  • specializing in freeze down, snow fills, creek crossings, stream crossings, temporary crossing structures, zero to minimal ground disturbance
  • cut and caps
  • road deactivations
  • mix off sumps
  • haul miscellaneous material back to landfill (old pipe, garbage, etc.)
  • revegetation